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Reliability and Quality have earned us trust from our clients to continually deliver the freshest leads for your agency to continullay write new business. 

Our Services


We provide you with targeted leads to keep you talking to people who are interested in learning more about what you have to offer.

 Reliable, Quality Leads for Auto Insurance Producers.

Contact us today to get your lead order started : 203-941-1781.

We specialize in:


Auto insurance Leads -generated by a live telemarketer throughout the call.  The client will know that you will be calling them back to discuss auto insurance options. You will receive detailed information about the prospect along with the full recorded phone conversation.

WE at Bulls Eye leads know that in order to succeed in selling insurance you must have people to see.  We can be the greatest salesperson or have all of the product knowledge, but unless we have people to see, it all amounts to nothing.  The hardest thing in this business is to get your self in front of  10 - 15 people a week who want to talk to you about insurance.  This does not have to be the case, we have a proven lead program that will put you in front of people who are requesting to hear more about your products. 

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